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Vermillion Area Swim Team

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Join the Team

VAST is a year round swim team that is a member of United States Swimming and the Tri-State Swim League.  The team is open to swimmers ages 6 to 19. Swimmers from all local communities are eligible to join.  TRYOUTS ARE WELCOME. 
Want to Join? Email Coach Mike at:
Application for USA Swimming and VAST Registration:

Which skill group?
VAST has 3 skill level groups.  The Coaches will determine which group is appropriate for you. 
Junior Vipers: A developmental program for swimmers 6-10 years old.  This program is designed to develop both swim technique and endurance.  Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters nonstop.  Swimmers practice up to 4 days per week. 
VAST I: Developed swimmers practice up to 5 days per week working on basic technique, endurance and technical skills. 
VAST II: Advanced swimmers practice up to 5 days per week for longer periods and include dry-land warm-up. 

Meets / Competition
Participation at swim meets is encouraged but is not mandatory.  You can join the swim team just to learn skills, get into shape or stay in shape without high impact on your joints. 
We place emphasis on the child competing against themselves to try to improve on their past performance rather than competing directly against every other child at the meet.  Swim meets place swimmers with similar abilities together so every child has a chance to win their heat. 

All swimmers must belong to USA swimming and the Tri-State League.  You can join for a month or for the year.  Grants are available: talk to Coach.
        USA  Swimming    : $49 Annually
        Tri-State Fee         : $  5 Annually
        Jr. Vipers              : $40 per month
        VAST I                  : $50 per month
        VAST II                 : $60 per month